Parking Disputes Between Neighbours (2023)

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Parking Disputes Between Neighbours (2)

Many conflicts between neighbours arise as the result of disputes over parked cars. Of course, if you have a separate driveway then there isn’t a problem, as long as you actually park on it, but issues do arise when people park their cars on the road upon which they live.

Having off street parking not only increases the value of a property but it also reduce the risk of neighbour arguments over where to park the car. In some residential areas, often London, parking permits are charged at a premium rate and don't always resolve the parking problems, as residents think they have a right to park in front of their house since they have paid for a permit.

The Highway Code is there to explain and guide you through the rules and regulations set out in myriad pieces of traffic and road legislation.For example:

  • Drivers should all be aware that you cannot park or wait on double yellow lines at any time.
  • You must not wait or park on single yellow lines at the times stated on corresponding signs.
  • You must not wait, stop, or park on school entrance markings.
  • Unless you are entitled to, you must not park in disabled parking spaces or resident parking spaces.
  • You must also not park in front of the entrance to a property.

There are many more rules which you should read and be aware of before taking any action, you can find the full list at

Many parking disputes arise over the failure to observe parking ‘etiquette’ on the street where you live. But etiquette and the law are two totally different issues, so let’s take a look at both.

What The Law Says

As long as your vehicle is taxed and you are not contravening any other traffic laws, you are allowed to park anywhere on a public highway (but not on footpaths/pavements) where it is legal to do so.

Parking Outside Your Own House

Etiquette, good manners and common sense are the main ingredients in avoiding parking disputes with your neighbours. Most people would choose to park outside their own home anyway because of the convenience, but what if you have more than one vehicle belonging to a single property and there are no driveways or you have a driveway but there is only enough room for one car?

No Automatic Right to Park Outside Your Home

Basically, it’s an unwritten ‘rule’ that people will generally tend to park outside their own home but it’s important to note that no one has an automatic right to do so. It’s not always possible and, in addition to residents, other road users also have the right to park outside your home providing they are not contravening the Highway Code.

To resolve this issue, the only thing you can do is to try to have a friendly word with your neighbour and explain to them why you’d prefer to park in front of your own house. You may find that they didn’t realise it bothered you and often simple courtesy and communicating your issue with your neighbour will resolve the problem.

Shared Driveways

If you share a driveway with your next door neighbour and a parking dispute occurs because of lack of space or one person’s vehicle is taking up more space, you can resolve this by checking your house deeds to find out where the boundaries lie.

Accessibility and Upkeep of a Shared Driveway

It’s courteous to share responsibilities for the accessibility and tidiness of a shared driveway. If you have children, make sure you keep any toys off the other person's part of the shared driveway. If your next door neighbour simply decides they’ve had enough and drives straight in and ‘accidentally’ runs over a children’s toy, you’ve no legal redress – it’s your neighbour’s part of the driveway and your responsibility to keep things that belong to you, on your side.

The Big Issue – Parking Directly In Front Of A Person’s Driveway

This is, by far, the single most frequent cause of annoyance and arguments between neighbours. Unfortunately though, the law does not help in this regard. It's common courtesy not to park directly in front of the driveway of another person’s property. After all, they may need to get in or out of the driveway with their vehicle. If you’ve blocked the access by parking directly in front of it, this will cause the vast majority, if not everybody, to become annoyed and to try to locate the owner of the vehicle to get them to move it. Therefore, most neighbourly people will never park directly in front of someone’s driveway.

What is the Relevant Law on Blocking Someone's Driveway?

The Highway Code, paragraph 207, asks that people DO NOT park their vehicle where it might cause an obstruction to other pedestrians or road users, and cites the example of not parking in front of another person’s driveway.

In essence, while there are certain rules and regulations under the Highway Code relating to parking on public highways, mostly it’s a matter of common decency and courtesy. Speaking calmly to neighbours and explaining reasons why you might need to park here or there, if practical, will usually result in you getting what you want. Just remember, however, that unless they are breaking the law, people are entitled to park anywhere they want to on a public highway providing they aren’t in breach of the Highway Code. If things get really bad, you could try and get a third party involved to mediate...take a look at our feature When Mediation Can Help Neighbour disputes for more information and advice.

Dropped Kerbs: The Traffic Management Act 2004

If you have a dropped kerb at the end of your driveway (which in most local authorities - planning laws say that you should), the Traffic Management Act 2004 might help you. This act covers restrictions on parking where a kerb has been dropped for a number of reasons including for the purpose of "assisting vehicles entering or leaving the carriageway across the footway, cycle track or verge". There are exceptions to this including:

  • Where the vehicle is parked outside residential premises "by or with the consent (but not consent given for reward) of the occupier of the premises" but this exception does not apply in the case of a shared driveway
  • Emergency vehicles
  • When a vehicle is being used for the purposes of delivering goods/unloading etc at the premises (has to be 'reasonable' and for no longer than 20 minutes)
  • Vehicles undertaking any building, signing, utilities or sewer works or collecting waste on behalf of local authority, removing a traffic obstruction

If you think you could have a case under this piece of legislation, first try to find and speak to the vehicle owner. In a friendly and polite manner, tell them about the act and that you'd like to get your vehicle out. If they refuse, call the police on 101 - not 999 (it's more than likely NOT an emergency and if it is, the vehicle owner will probably cooperate with you anyhow). Tell them about the problem, how long the vehicle has been there and that you need to get your car out. If they say there's nothing they can do, ask them about the Traffic Management act of 2004 (referring to dropped kerbs) and what they normal steps are. They should be able to help you to take the right steps even if they won't do anything themselves immediately.

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Hi, I have a adapted bungalow for our disabled son and it comes out at an angle so takes away some of my drive, my new neighbour has widened there drive with slabs and put 3 black bins down the middle so I can't park upto the line now I can't get my son out with his wheelchair, I can't even get my bins past my car. All she says is move your car but why should I have too. We have moved the bins but they put them back while I'm out, if I ever need a ambulance for my don we have no chance. What can I do?

Joy - 17-Oct-22 @ 9:10 PM

I live in a rented HMO with 6 flats. When I moved in there was a local arrangements amongst the current tenants over parking which I was not privy as they managed it in a whatsapp group that I was not part of. One particular tenant uses two spaces frequently one for her vehicle and the other space for visitors that can often stay for weeks at a time. Due to ill health I need help at home during the day while my husband works, home help asked to use a space so I sent a polite note stating that I will now need the use of a space for 6 hours a day from 8am and if this causes an inconvenience please let me know. Three weeks went by until I got an email from the management company stating that I am facing parking enforcement for allowing someone who does not live there to park. I explained the circumstances and that other residents have visitors parking for weeks at a time. I asked for a copy of the parking rules she told me im breaching and after a couple of days she got back to me and said there are no parking measures in place. So its clear that she had taken a biased view and sided with the complainant. I really don't know what to do as its clear its one rule for me and one rule for the other residents.

whatacarryon - 14-Oct-22 @ 6:03 PM

I have recently moved into a 4 in a block flat and so myself and my upstairs neighbour have a side by side pathway entrance to our front doors. This is classed as a communal entrance yet he has put a hinge on the main front gate to open it up and uses both paths as a driveway. The council have issued several letters advising him to move the non mot'd vehicle which he ignores! This is not nor has ever been a driveway and causes access issues!

Claz - 3-Oct-22 @ 2:03 PM

In our road there is never anywhere to park due to a guy repairing cars/vans etc from his house. He repairs them on his forecourt and on the road, he also has at least 7 cars parked on the road waiting to be repaired and they are parked there sometimes for weeks, there are two out there at the moment that have been there for months both with no tax and one with no front to it. I have checked with DVLA and they are both sorned so they should not be on the road at all. I have reported to the DVLA several times but nothing gets done. As our road has a lot of dropped kerbs there is limited parking spaces so if have work done, or a visitorthere is no where at all. Plus the road where he repairs his cars / vans is covered in oil spills.I can’t find him registered with Companies House, and surly it’s illegal to do this from a residential house and on the highway? Fedup

Febup - 26-Aug-22 @ 12:31 PM

My neighbour reverses his car so close to mine that I can't open the boot/bonnet so that his wife who can't parallel park can get in a space. I have tried talking to them about it but this has made the situation worse. It is absolutely ridiculous and what makes it worse is that we are in a resident only street but his friends and family park outside our house.

(Video) Little-known laws about neighborhood parking

Debkat - 18-Aug-22 @ 8:27 AM

Inconsiderate neighbours when it comes to parking in a cul-de-sac as parking is very limited due to the 4 bed sits, flats and neighbours having 4 or more cars. I’ve lived here for 30 years and it’s been a nightmare. We have had arguments with neighbours over parking as one particular neighbour likes to park outside of our back gate for DAYS just so that we can’t park outside of our own house. Also the owner of 2 houses has turned them into bedsits as didn’t need to Provide parking for renters so parking is even more limited. After 3pm you can’t get parked at all. You have to park at the bottom. What can I do? Advice please

Rach - 13-Aug-22 @ 4:06 PM

Oh ! We have a gaggle of gossiping neighbours who think driving over pedestrian dropped kerbs is their drive entrance on the cheap, it isn't. We are also commented on and sent to Coventry after buying a detached property with a drive where my husband parks on the road to have access to garage and drive for his motorbike, otherwise nextdoor with four cars, two drivers, one drive would park there ensuring my Husband would have to juggle his car & bike up the street everytime! Not a chance! People infuriate me! Yet nextdoor who has lived there 33 years ?? parks on the road leaving a space on his drive. Hilarious. At least they leave someone else alone. Not even the courtesy to speak to us first before bad mouthing. Jog on

Jules - 4-Aug-22 @ 8:59 AM

We have a driveway which was completed last yearwe had to spend a lot of time and money filling out all the paperwork to get a dropped kerb. I have had people parking over some of the dropped kerb telling me I have plenty of space to get out my driveway, when I don't. The waste people are the rented people (Sally and Simon Lloyd, Maidston, Kent) next-door who have a big leased car which takes up two spaces, she allows her Dad (who lives 5 minutes walk around the corner- he isn't disabled) to park in front of my driveway. When I complained the man said he has paid his road tax so he can park wherever he likes. I then had the two rough looking pikeys shouting and screaming at me because I dared to swear at her arrogant Dad when he parked in front of my driveway.

Lisa - 23-Jun-22 @ 3:08 PM

I own the land of a drive where my neighbours have right of way over to get access to their property it goes across the front of my house. As the first house we have constant interference from other vehicles either turning or parking. These are delivery vans or visitors to other houses on the main road that do not have any right to use the drive ie. They're trespassing. We have raised the issue with the neighbour who uses the drive as their right of way as it is causing a nuisance to us and subsequently we cannot do anything without first speaking to them, we asked about putting in non fixed moveable posts with a chain to try and stop everyone under the sun using the drive and they agreed to it. We then went ahead and purchased a few plastic posts with chain and put them in place, one day later they are saying to leave them open all the time as they don't want to be moving them all day - this kind of defeats the purpose of stopping other vehicles. I understand it's an inconvenience for both them and us to move the post if we need to get out, but I feel they have lead us down the rabbit hole with this one to then most likely complain about it to us. I saw the neighbour take a photo of the non fixed moveable posts and am just waiting for them to probably send a letter saying we're blocking their access. The posts were left open all day and then we closed them during the night as yes we still get the odd vehicle turning at night with headlights shining through the window or noisy engine. The neighbours say they understand our frustration, but I think they are just looking for an excuse to take things further as they don't like that I personally go out and tell most of the vehicles that they should not be turning on my drive as there is a perfectly good turning point at the end of the main road, they have previously accused us of stopping their visitors when this not true at all. Working from home I see the same vehicles just using our drive to turn or park when they go to other houses so I know which ones are abusing it. How do you resolve these things with shared rights of way!!

Sundancekid - 22-May-22 @ 1:15 PM

My next door but one neighbour and myself have just had dropped kerbs and new parking space each for one car. The neighbour in the middle of us has 2 cars and no drive. Their 2 cars do not fit in between our dropped kerbs so they encroach over mineby at least a metre. I then have no ‘swing angle’ to use my drive. I live alone and he won’t encroach over the other neighbours dropped kerb as she has a husband! He’s very aggressive so totally unapproachable as he’s already had our local council deal with complaints of his dog constantly barking. I’m a vulnerable easy target. Council say his parking behaviour is a Police matter, Police say it’s a council matter. Meanwhile I’ve a new dropped kerb and a new parking space which I’ve never used in the 2 months since I’ve had it done. So far my £3,160 for the work has been a total waste of money. Why won’t one if these ‘official’ bodies just send someone to have a quiet word, I’msure that would fix it!

Vicky18 - 12-May-22 @ 7:38 AM

I have a neighbour who's using 3 cars to save his space out side his house... its street parking. Pretty much his main car is parked in the middle and when he leaves he'll maneuver one of the others slightly to block others parking. Usually he'll move the front one back wards a few feet.. then when he get back home could be hours, has been days. He'll re maneuver the cars so he can re park in the middle of his cars.. he doesn't really use the other cars fo anything else but to save his spot.... street is a nightmare to park on even when he's not doing this, but since he has I've had to park on other streets to park in a safe spot.... anything I do, spoken to him and he just smirks and doesn't care

Jj - 1-May-22 @ 4:08 PM

I live an avenue and have no drive or no room for a drive but all other houses on the avenue have drives, but some household have more than 1 car - couple of houses have 2 or 3 cars (they do have couple of cars on their drives already but then they park on the avenue because no space left on the drives(2 or 3 Cars on Drive already) Any one any ideas - we have to park on main road at the end of avenue

yvette - 27-Apr-22 @ 4:00 PM

I have a work van that parks at the end of my drive which obstructs the view of corner which I cannot see whether cars are coming or not. I have ask him to park there car there as gives us a much greater view of corner which obviously he does not do. Any rules about obstructing view?

Carol - 21-Apr-22 @ 4:03 PM

We have big yard. But neighbourspark they cars in the yard. One neighbour has 2 cars everyday.Other neighbour has yard of her own. Shepark inbig yard. I don't have havea car. But my relative has car and he has park on road for easy accessfor my neighbours.But one of flat park his carin big yard . Other neighbourscomeout to him .ask where he was live said the flats. He toldhimwas block access for anothercars to get out. But the big yardbelong to landlord

Sam - 16-Apr-22 @ 10:26 PM

Hello, We have a a set of flats round the back of our street with a car park at the rear. A very large Sprinter type van has always parked at the side of the flats, out of the way. For some reason, they have now decided to park directly outside the front of our house which means the view from our living room window is the side of a white van. Wouldn’t be so bad if it was a car as you could see over the top! There is space further down for them to park which is next to a fence, as a single woman I am nervous about confrontation if I ask them not to park outside for just manners. I understand it’s a public highway with no dropped curb but surely it’s courtesy to not block someone’s view from their window?

Becky87 - 23-Mar-22 @ 7:55 PM

My neighbour has become a menace over lockdown with everyone on the srreet parking infront of her house.She has no car and a dropped curb and spaces for 2 cars to park outside her house.She has relentlessly fallen out with everyone parking outside her gates and i have no idea if she has a legal point due to her dropped curb even though she has no car. Everyone struggles to park (not myself) but due to not parking outside her house everyone cant park.Can people park there or are they breaking the law? She has no car.

(Video) Neighbours engage in parking war with a tenant

Jo - 21-Mar-22 @ 5:42 PM

Parking issuesMy neighbours have two cars and park across both spaces outside the house. My husband is v ill and we have nurses, carers etc each day to the house. I have asked for a bit of space and when the cars have been moved soon come back again. My daughter who is in a wheelchair visits and needs to be over the drive. She cannot park when they are at home as she will block my other neighbours drive. I have no idea why they will not allow me just a few feet outside my own house. I feel threatened by them and am suffering unnecessary stress due to this. They have a drive which they could use and stands empty. The H lines are also being ignored.

Shirl - 11-Mar-22 @ 5:42 PM

I have a neighbour that doesn't even live on this court yard, has 3 parking spaces outsidehis won house (all for him) and yet because he has 4 plus cars and work van he parks outside my home making it hard for me to turn around in the court yard and reverse into my own drive. There is no insight into how this is affecting others. Other than "I've done this for years"and it's worrying that the council don't know which authority maintains parking in this courtyard. Why do we provide insurance companies with information about where we park our cars over night, when clearly we can park them wherever we lie about it.

Grrr - 4-Mar-22 @ 9:54 AM

I have a communal driveway which can take 3 cars easy.there are 3 flats I've live at no 2 for last 2'5 years and always park my car in the no 1 has got a car to learn to drive n parked it in the middle where I've parked for 2:5 years.. it's in front of her window but tells me it is her space and it's against the law to park my car by her window is this correct or is it just made up thanks awaiting your reply

Chez - 11-Nov-21 @ 10:29 PM

I have a neighbour who has four cars and loads of room on her drive for all four, yet she insists on parking two of her cars on the road which means I can never get parked as I only have enough room for one car on my drive. My hususes that for his van.

Autumn77 - 18-Sep-21 @ 2:17 PM

My neighbour has a drive and garage attachedto his propertybut has parked his car outside my house for the last two months I don't own a car but I am disabledand my children take me shopping and also come and help round the house but can'tpark any were near he only moves his car to go round the block and back

Margaret Richardson - 18-Sep-21 @ 1:11 PM

I live on a main road the side of my house is an unadopted road allowing access to the back of properties the other side is a garage but they park there trucks and cars down my side permently keeping there side looking nice while my property looks an mess I can't even get down to paint my fences is there anything I can do.

Ykp - 13-Sep-21 @ 4:28 PM

Theowner of the landopposite our drivehas put these 3 large trees to stop any cars beingparked thereIt’s a bridle path to the right I’m not a very good or confidentdriver I have already banged the side of my car We can now not get easy access to our drive We usually need to reverse out into the lane This is now impossible for me I’m 68 and not a very confident driver Is there anything we can do ?

Maary - 10-Sep-21 @ 5:23 PM

To anyone having trouble with people buying/selling or repairing vehicles on the road or the allocated parking, look up the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005

Someusefuladvice - 2-Sep-21 @ 11:51 PM

HiMe and my neighbours have a lot of problems with other people parking ours street. The street is open to everybody but we all wanted to park close to our houses.We finds that many cars is dumb and left for months on parking spaces also mechanics use road for no taxes cars and parking them on our street.Many of our neighbours get tickets because was parking on double line. This neighbours is people with kids and they parking they cars close to the house.I don’t know where we can find help regarding this problem.We all neighbours wanted permanent residents parking but how we can sorted this problem?Many thanks for any suggestions.

Chloe - 30-Aug-21 @ 5:38 PM

Neighbour has always complained about any parking in front of her house which has a drive. She doesn’t drive so her drive is empty, her visitors park on the road not on her drive. If anyone parks in front of her house she goes out and sticks notes on their cars telling them not to park there. She’s recently had her front garden removed and made into parking hard standing. Now she’s had drop kerb widened so no one can park in front of her house. Parking is a nightmare on our road, if anyone parks over the extended dropped kerb when there aren’t any cars on her drive, is this illegal?? What could happen??This nightmare has been ongoing since 1995!!

Frustrated 2601 - 25-Aug-21 @ 8:22 AM

I own a coach house. Under the coach house is 4 garages that I have to Lease to adjacent neighbours. One neighbour let's his house out. He allows his tenant to park a huge commercial van on the parking bay in front of the garage. This causes parking problems for myself and others who lease the garages. I am the freeholder. I have twice asked person to stop parking the vehicle. I have explained it says this clearly in the TP1 transfer document.I don't know the name of the landlord or current addressof the landlord of the person parking the vehicle.I don't know the name of the person parking the vehicle. I have asked the company to stop parking as the person works for a company. This will effect the sale if I try to sell

(Video) Parking over neighbours drive way... Again, again.

Bill - 25-Aug-21 @ 6:18 AM

I’m going crazy with my young neighbour! He has two cars parked on pavement one in front of my gate so I can’t use it and have to use my huge drive gate!! Which he has started to park in front of too so one car covers the pavement and my gates! I’ve noted that a couple of ladies with prams and young children are having to walk on the road to take children to school!! He also has three big cars in his back garden! My home is Newcastle council his is privately rented! I’m now desperate as I live alone over 60 and quite worried to say anything!! I don’t want any comebacks!

Ecave - 14-Aug-21 @ 1:35 PM

I have a neighbor who takes up two parking spaces none of us have drives she always parks this way as I'm disabled but I don't think the road is wide enoug to Applyfor a disabled space it causes me to either take up someone else's spot outside their house what can I do I have approached the neighbors but it's like water off a ducks back

Mog - 12-Aug-21 @ 3:25 PM

I live on a council estate we have a carpark where residents can park . however we have a man from one of the council houses who buys cars from the auction he is using our car park to park his vehicles for months he can park 6-8 car before he will ship them this leaving residents struggling for parking space. Who can help us with this problem ?Is he even allowed to do this?

MaddyB21 - 5-Aug-21 @ 6:25 AM


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Parking Disputes Between Neighbours (10)

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(Video) Man Takes His Revenge On Stranger That Kept Blocking His Parking Space, His Idea Was Brilliant


What to do when someone keeps taking your parking spot? ›

Leaving a Note

Mention that you've noticed their car in your parking spot, and ask them not to park there. Don't be accusatory in your note. Cite your lease (or other document) as the source indicating your right to use a particular spot. Then, state that you expect to be able to use your assigned spot at all times.

Can you stop a Neighbour parking outside your house UK? ›

The law is pretty unhelpful on this topic however it is common curtesy not to block someone's driveway. Paragraph 207 of the Highway Code asks that people do not park their car where it may cause an obstruction to other pedestrians or road users and specifically mentions other people's driveways.

What is illegal parking UK? ›

You MUST NOT wait or park on yellow lines during the times of operation shown on nearby time plates (or zone entry signs if in a Controlled Parking Zone) – see 'Traffic signs' and 'Road markings'. Double yellow lines indicate a prohibition of waiting at any time even if there are no upright signs.

How do I stop someone from parking in front of my house Ireland? ›

Your local council should be called if someone is blocking your driveway as it is a civil matter and has nothing to do with the police. However, if the vehicle is causing an obstruction, the police can be contacted.

Can I stop my Neighbour parking in front of my house? ›

Unfortunately, there is no law to say only you have the right to park outside your own home. As long as you are not breaking any laws in the Highway Code, car owners are free to park where they want.

Why do people keep parking next to me? ›

It is plausible that people tend to park next to other people's cars because they like the idea of social cohesion in public, or they might associate social cohesion with safety. They might think that parking next to another car reduces their car's chances of being broken into or crashed against.

What is inconsiderate parking? ›

Problems include parking too near to a driveway making it difficult to turn in and out, and parking partially on the pavement preventing prams and wheelchairs from being able to pass.

What is classed as nuisance parking? ›

What is nuisance parking? Nuisance parking is considered the act of parking on private land or property without having consent to do so. Examples of nuisance parking include parking on a private driveway or parking space, or parking over a private access causing an obstruction.

Is Nuisance parking an Offence? ›

Nuisance parking is criminalised by sections 3 and 4 of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 (CNEA 2005). Both offences are summary only.

Do police deal with parking issues? ›

Parking issues are handled by a mixture of local highway authority and police powers, depending on the situation.

Can you fine someone for parking on your property? ›

There is no criminal law against their car being left on your private property without your consent as it is an act of trespassing, which is classed as a civil offence.

What are the new parking laws? ›

But the Code of Practice was scrapped in 2022. The code set out a 50% reduction on parking fines from private firms if they're paid within 14 days. Private parking firms would only be able to charge between £50 and £70 for a parking charge too. The amount would change depending on the severity of the infringement.

How do I stop strangers from parking in front of my house? ›

Some other ways you can stop your neighbour from parking in front of your house
  1. Call the police. ...
  2. Residents- only parking. ...
  3. Leave A Note. ...
  4. Perhaps it's not your neighbour. ...
  5. Accept It.
Jan 10, 2022

Can my Neighbour park in my driveway? ›

If someone parks on your driveway, then they're trespassing, so it's a civil matter rather than a criminal offence. This means the police don't usually get involved. If you're lucky, the police may ask the driver to move their car, provided they can find the owner.

Can my Neighbour use my driveway? ›

Answer: You should check your title deeds to ensure that there is no documented right for the neighbour to use your driveway in that manner. If no right is apparent, it is still possible for the neighbour to have acquired a right to use part of your driveway in order to move in and out of their driveway.

Can someone park opposite my driveway? ›

Parking outside someone's house

It is perfectly legal to park outside someone's house, unless the vehicle is blocking a driveway or a wheel is over a dropped kerb.

Can I park across my own dropped KERB? ›

Parking across your own dropped kerb

Generally you should never park on the pavement unless you are parking in a marked bay. However if you have parking bays in your street you can park across your own drive but not beyond the marked bays as shown below. You cannot block the pavement as shown below.

Can you park over a driveway without dropped KERB? ›

Do I need a dropped kerb? If you intend to drive a vehicle over the footway into your driveway off a highway, then you will need a dropped kerb. If you do not have dropped kerb, you must not drive over the footway. If you do so, you are breaking the law and enforcement action could be taken to prevent such practice.

What is it called when someone park your car for you? ›

Valet parking is a parking service offered by some restaurants, stores, and other businesses. In contrast to "self-parking", where customers find a parking space on their own, customers' vehicles are parked for them by a person called a valet.

What is it called when a person parks your car for you? ›

Valet parking is actually the opposite of finding a parking space on your own: It means that someone else parks your car for you. This person is called a valet. The valet parking service is often offered at restaurants, hotels, stores and other businesses.

Why do people always park in the same spot? ›

Up to 39% of people tend to park in the same place every time they visit the same location [2]. Research found that one of the strategies that people use to find a parking space is driving straight to their favourite spot because experience has taught them that it is likely to be empty.

What can you do if someone parks on your property without permission? ›

You can pursue a civil case for trespassing and if the civil courts rule in your favour, the vehicle would be removed from your drive.

What do you do if someone parks in your spot in Dubai? ›

  1. Call center 901.
  2. Email
  3. Live chat in the application and website.
  4. P.O. Box 1493 Dubai- United Arab Emirates.

Is parking on someone else's property trespassing? ›

If a vehicle is parked on your driveway without your permission, they are trespassing. As trespass is a civil and not criminal offence, the police will not always get involved. At most, they may send an officer to try to determine the owner of the vehicle and ask them to move it.

Can you hug and kiss in public in Dubai? ›

There are certain things you can't do in Dubai and PDA is one of them. In Dubai, holding hands, hugging, and kissing in public is considered socially unacceptable and if caught indulging in such acts, you might land up in jail.

How do I complain about a Neighbour in Dubai? ›

Should the noise still continue, you can contact Dubai Police on 999 or via the Dubai Police apps and report a noise disturbance. It is generally recommended to advise residents nearby that your event will be a bit noisy and to provide contact details should noise levels become excessive.

Can I stay in the same room as my boyfriend in Dubai? ›

Can unmarried couples stay in the same hotel room? According to the law, it's illegal for unmarried couples to stay in the same room during a holiday in Dubai. In reality, this is not strictly enforced and it's unlikely you'll be challenged on it. Many unmarried couples visit Dubai every year without issue.


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