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Walgreens is an online retail store for health and wellness products. This includes eye health care products and supplements. Different types of contact lenses, solutions, drops and cases are readily available from its online store.

Services and Features

Walgreens is an online retailer of eye health supplements, contact lenses, solutions, drops and cases. It offers a wide selection of contact lens from the nation’s leading manufacturers which include Vistakon, Alcon, Bausch + Lomb, and CooperVision.Contact lenses are prescribed to correct for standard vision correction as well as astigmatism and presbyopia.The most popular of today’s lenses that doctors prescribe are daily disposables requiring no cleaning.The most popular brands are Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Moist, Air Optix, Biofinity, Dailies AquaComfortPlus, Dailies Total 1 and Ultra.

One of its strongest-selling contact lenses is the Acuvue Oasys. It has HydraClear Plus Technology which keeps the lens smooth, wet and silky all day long. Acuvue Oasys contact lenses also lessen the feeling of tiredness caused by dry eye discomfort, digital devices and challenging environments.

Customersmust first visit an optometrist and undergo an eye exam. All contact lenses at Walgreens include free standard shipping within the country.

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Contact lenses at Walgreens

Walgreens offers big savings for every contact lens purchase. It also has a rewards program that allows members to earn points for qualified purchases which can be used to purchase additional products.

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8 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Nancy K


I too ordered contacts 2 weeks ago, they were paid for immediately through my credit card, I received an email "your order has shipped" 11 days ago with a USPS tracking number---USPS has no record of this shipment or number--I called customer service 3 times now and got a different response each time, 1) the USPS "sometimes" does not scan packages so they cannot be traced", 2) I should have paid for expedited postage (this was not offered when I ordered these contacts), 3) they sent an email stating to wait 10 more days then respond for a refund if they don't arrive---a second call to USPS stated, again, there is no shipment received and no valid tracking number. I will call Walgreen's... Read More


steve m




Jim S


I have purchased contacts from Walgreens before with no problem. That is not the case with the latest order. The order was placed on 12/28/20 and as of 1/15/21 I still don't have them. I called "customer service" (that is a joke) yesterday. The woman was not helpful at all. "Things are slow." They were shipped but are somewhere in the great beyond. There is nothing she can do for another 10 days. I could ask to have the order canceled but they probably won't do that because they were shipped. When I pushed she put me on hold so she could escalate the call at my insistence. After a good long time she returned and said someone would be in touch. I asked her how and she didn't know, maybe... Read More

Karen C


This has not been a good ordering experience at all and for the few dollars I saved it really wasn’t worth it. Walgreens sent me (negative) instead of positives. This was their fault because my doctor has the correct prescription. I then have to call and reorder the correct lenses but they will not refund my money until I go online and print out their return address label. I’m sorry if this is your fault why am I having to do this??? On top of it I called last Tuesday and they said my order would be in within three to 4 days. It’s six days and there is t even a shipping tracking number yet! It’s been 3 weeks since my first order and no contacts. Do yourself a favor and stay with whoever is... Read More

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😡😡😡😡I ordered contacts and had my prescription sent over. Walgreens sent me (+) contacts instead of (-). Called them and told them it was wrong. They said they were sending me new ones. Checked online said they were sending me a COMPLETELY WRONG PRESCRIPTION! Called them to cancel it and send the right ones, but they still sent the wrong ones. My doctor had the right prescription on file the entire time, I know because they sent me a copy each time they sent walgreens a copy. Soooo weeks later, hours on the phone, and time spent trying return everything and I still HAVE NO CONTACTS 😡



The contacts are discounted, however if you have issues with lenses being defective-do not count on the being replaced. I tried to chat online with someone who said I would need to call the Optics team to discuss defective lenses-then the just gave me the regular customer service number, that person then said they would transfer me to the Optics team but they just transferred me to another customer service agent who explained I could not speak to the Optics team and she would have relay my message. I received the worst batch of contacts in my 16 years of wearing contacts and did not know how to get them replaced as you would simply just call your doctor and tell them and they'd give you a... Read More




If I could give them 0 stars I would. I placed an order on 1-30-2020. My prescription was still valid through 2-1-2020. They canceled my order even though they had my prescription on file because they decided to verify it 3 days after I placed the order. I will never order from them again.

Leslie S


I have just had the worst customer service experience of my life ordering contact lenses from Walgreen's online. Today they cancelled my order today for the third time, claiming I am overdue for my annual examination. Each time I attached a valid prescription issued November 9, 2018, the same day I had my annual exam with my opthalmologist. Before placing the third order, I spoke to his secretary who gave me her personal FAX number and name to pass on, which they ignored. After emailing my corrrect prescription for the 4th time with the subject heading CX CL as per the chat customer service representative, I talked to a customer service representative. She contacted the vision department... Read More

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Our Partner

2 Reviews

New Customers Save20%!
  • Save $20 Instantly on Annual Supply
  • Unbeatable Price Guarantee
  • Corrective eye wear and eye care solutions
  • Wide Variety of Contact Lenses
  • Fast and Free Shipping
  • Rated A+ by the BBB


VISIT SITE2023 Walgreens Reviews: Contact Lenses (5)

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What contact lens Do most doctors recommend? ›

Acuvue Oasys For Astigmatism

These lenses are made from silicone hydrogel, the most breathable contact lens material. Trusted by many eye doctors and is one of the most popular contacts available. Available for the Acuvue rewards rebate program.

Does cheap contact lenses work? ›

While cheap contacts are available, they aren't always the best choice for your eyes. A low-quality pair may be more likely to tear, and this could lead to a scratch on your cornea or other damage to the eye.

Is it OK to order contact lenses online? ›

Is it illegal to buy contact lenses online? No. But be sure to use your prescription when purchasing contact lenses online to ensure you're getting the right fit for your eyes.

How do I know which contact lenses are right for me? ›

Choosing the right contact lenses is a decision you should make with your eye doctor. The right choice depends on many factors, including your refractive error, how much contact lens wear your eyes can tolerate, your expectations and how willing you are to properly care for your lenses.

Are contacts better or worse than glasses? ›

They produce a more “natural” field of vision.

Because they sit on the surface of your eyes and move with them, contact lenses provide seamless vision correction. Their benefits extend to your peripheral vision and they won't have the same types of visual disruptions that glasses do, such as reflections or fogginess.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive contact lens? ›

The Contrast and Clarity of an image is what most people will notice right away when comparing a cheap lens to a higher-end lens. Typically the expensive lenses have better coatings both internally and externally. Coatings do a few things, they help reduce light scatter and this can actually help light transmittance.

What is the average cost of contact lenses without insurance? ›

What You Can Expect to Pay. Disposable contact lenses cost approximately $200 to $1,000 per year or $15 to $85 per month for regular wearers, if you're buying for both eyes. This range is so broad because it encompasses different types of contact lenses for different kinds of vision correction.

What is the best place to buy contacts online? ›

Lens.com is one of the largest online contact lens retailers. It carries a wide variety of brands—Acuvue, Biofinity, Dailies and many more—and stocks more specialized contacts for those who use toric, bifocal or multifocal lenses.

Why are contacts so much cheaper online? ›

Contact lenses bought online will be cheaper because the process is much simpler and there are less business expenses. There's no real estate, no staff to accommodate you, and no paying a medical professional for a considerable chunk of their valuable time.

Do optometrists make money on contacts? ›

Optometrists sell what they prescribe, which is a conflict of interest. Optometrists are financially incentivized to sell certain contact lens brands, by using rebates or other similar programs that reward them for prescribing one product over another.

Which contact lens is best monthly or yearly? ›

Monthly contact lenses are eco-friendlier because you will be throwing out fewer lenses compared to dailies. You usually only use 12 pairs every year if you choose monthly contacts, resulting in less waste that ends up in landfills.

What's better daily or monthly contacts? ›

Monthly lenses are more cost-effective than dailies if you wear contacts every day. It's also ideal for people who switch between glasses and contacts multiple times a day. You can clean and place them back again when needed, unlike with disposable lenses that must be discarded after use.

Which color contact lens will suit me? ›

Choose blue or violet coloured contact lenses if you have a cool skin tone. For warm skin tones, honey, brown or green lenses will look the most natural while still being striking. At the same time consider your hair colour, as blondes will be best suited to blues and green or some light brown coloured contact lenses.

Which is the No 1 lens company in the world? ›

Essilor. Essilor is the world's largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses. They invented “Varilux”, the world's first varifocal lens in 1959 and have been improving on a great idea ever since. Essilor also has an impressive array of photochromic, tinted and high index lenses as well as lenses for special applications.

Can you use a different brand of contacts than my prescription? ›

Unfortunately, not. Contact lenses come in different sizes and must be fit to your eye by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.

What brand of lenses does Walmart use? ›

Eyeglass Lens Replacement Walmart | We use Essilor prescription lenses, the best brand for the sharpest vision.

What is the disadvantage of contact lens? ›

Contacts have a tendency to dry out your eyes, which can cause negative symptoms. These symptoms include itching, irritation, and a feeling of grit in the eye. If your eyes get too dry, the easiest way to reduce irritation is to take a break from contacts.

Why is my vision better with glasses than contacts? ›

When you wear contact lenses there is no minimizing or maximizing the images you see. When you wear glasses, image size is being introduced into the equation. Think about it like using a magnifying glass.

Does it matter what contact lenses I buy? ›

Your contact lens prescription will contain two numbers called the 'base curve' and 'diameter' , which determine the fit of the contact lens on your eye. Most disposable contact lenses come in a selection of base curves and diameters, and it's important to find the one which will best fit your eyes.

Is buying an expensive lens worth it? ›

Expensive lenses will be able to project a quality image onto your sensor or film plane, and they aren't often updated every few years like camera bodies are. This means that lenses tend to hold the majority of their value for a lot longer than camera bodies, making them a good investment in most cases.

Are more expensive lenses worth it? ›

Cheaper lenses will give you the clarity of vision you require, but more expensive ones will give you a more distinctive pair of glasses, with personalized features. Customized features like lens color, anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant, polarized, photochromic, etc.

Why are glasses cheaper than contacts? ›

Glasses are generally less expensive than contacts in the long run because they do not need to be replaced as often. However, if your glasses break, they can be expensive to replace.

Can I buy contact lens without consulting the doctor? ›

Prescription Requirements

A person must have a contact lens prescription from an eye doctor (an optometrist or an ophthalmologist) to buy contact lenses. This is true for all kinds of contacts.

Do I need a contact lens fitting every year? ›

You should have at least one regular fitting each year. Although, this could be every 6 months, depending on which type of contact lens you use and how frequently your prescription needs adjusting. The daily wear and tear on the eye caused by wearing contacts can cause damage over time.

Are contacts more expensive with higher prescription? ›

The price range for contacts can feel broad, but they have a highly variable price tag depending on a lot of factors. Specialty contacts that require a higher or uncommon prescription may cost more than those designed for mild to moderate myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness).

Can I use my glasses prescription for contacts? ›

Can You Use Your Glasses Prescription for Contact Lenses? Unfortunately, you can't use your current glasses prescription for contact lenses. While both can correct your vision, your prescription for glasses differs from a contact lens prescription in many ways.

How long does it take to get contacts from Walmart? ›

How long does it take for my lenses to arrive? 98% of all US orders arrive within the 7-10 day delivery time stated on our website.

Is Costco the best place for contact lenses? ›

Costco is the one-stop shop for the entire contact lens purchasing experience. You can get your eye exam at the store and order contacts online. It's the best place to order contacts in bulk as it offers the highest discounts. Costco's return policy is unparalleled; you can return your lenses anytime.

Can I buy contacts online without a current prescription? ›

You should always have a current, valid prescription when you order contact lenses.

How long is a contact prescription good for? ›

Most contact lens prescriptions expire between one to two years after your eye exam or contact lens fitting. Multiple factors, including state laws, determine how long your prescription lasts.

Are two weekly contacts cheaper than daily? ›

Since weekly lenses don't need to be replaced every day, they are typically more convenient for those who are not “morning people.” Weekly contacts also generate less waste and are less expensive than daily contact lenses.

Is 1800 contacts cheaper than eye doctor? ›

Like other direct-to-consumer companies, 1-800 Contacts may be less expensive than buying your contacts through an eye doctor or brick-and-mortar eyewear retailer. The company offers a generous return policy that includes defective or torn lenses and lenses you don't need because of changes in your prescription.

Can you get contacts instantly? ›

If you have a popular prescription, you can expect your lenses to ship the day after you order them. If your prescription is uncommon, it may take some additional time to process your order.

Can your eyesight get better with contacts? ›

Contact lenses correct most vision problems 1, including: Near-sightedness (myopia): blurred vision far away. Far-sightedness (hyperopia): blurred vision close up. Astigmatism: blurred vision both far away and close up.

Can I order more than a year supply of contacts? ›

Even if a prescriber's state law does not set an expiration date of more than the one-year minimum required by the Rule, prescribers are free to set a date of more than one year if they feel it is appropriate.

What is the markup on contact lenses? ›

The per-box price for heavily advertised lenses should be only 2% to 3% higher than the discounters — the price that should be quoted to any price shoppers. You need not discount pricing for annual supplies of toric and multifocal lenses as heavily.

How many hours a day should you wear monthly contact lenses? ›

Your optician will be able to discuss with you what is best in your individual case, but as a general point, it's recommended that you wear your contact lenses for a maximum of 10-12 hours per day. Wearing your lenses for longer may cause your eyes to become uncomfortable, red and prone to infection.

Are dailies or monthlies cheaper? ›

Daily disposable contacts are more expensive than monthlies up front. You'll usually find them in packs of 30 (one pack for each eye) for around $30, or in packs of 90 for upward of $60 or $80. More specialized lenses for astigmatism or dry eyes are typically more expensive.

Which type of contact lenses are best? ›

You'll need to decide between hard contact lenses – also known as rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses – and soft contact lenses. Makin says soft contact lenses are by far the most common choice because they're comfortable to wear virtually straight away, difficult to dislodge and ideal for when you're on the go.

Can you shower with daily contacts in? ›

No, you should not shower with daily contacts still in your eyes. Daily contacts are disposable, so you can throw away the lenses and then put in a fresh pair once you finish your shower. No need to risk an eye infection!

Which eye lens colour is most attractive? ›

We found that green is the most popular lens colour, with brown coming in a close second, despite it being one of the most common eye colours. Although blue and hazel are seen as the most attractive eye colours for men and women they are surprisingly the least popular.

What is the most common contact lens? ›

Soft contact lenses are the most common lens material worn.

Which lens do doctors use? ›

Monofocal IOLs

The most common type of lens used with cataract surgery is called a monofocal IOL. It has one focusing distance. It is set to focus for up close, medium range or distance vision.

Which type of lens does doctor use? ›

Doctors use concave mirror or convex mirror to see in mouth.

What is the highest grade of contact lens? ›

The highest level of corrective power for monthly soft contact lenses is about -12 Dioptres (bear in mind that the average prescription for short sighted people is -2.00 Dioptres), and is available from both Purevision 2HD and Biofinity.

What are the easiest contact lenses to put in? ›

Soft Contact Lenses Are The Most Comfortable

Soft contact lenses usually don't take very long to get use to, and for most people, in just a few days they can't feel them at all while wearing them, they also have the benefit of allowing a full days wear in just a few days.

What does the D stand for on my contact box? ›

Power (pwr) / Sphere (sph) / Dioptre (D): This value is the power of the lens needed to correct your long or short-sightedness and is measured in Dioptres (D). A minus (-) sign indicates that you are short-sighted, whereas a plus (+) sign shows that you are long-sighted.

Do surgeons wear glasses or contacts? ›

There are many surgeons that have just become more comfortable always wearing the magnifying glasses or loupes in the operating room and it also provides them some eye protection. It is not necessary to wear for all procedures and mostly personal preference in most general cases.

Which lens is used by ophthalmologist? ›

The most commonly used lenses are indirect, also known as “aspheric” and “condensing” lenses, which are classically used at a slit lamp—for example, 78D or 90D lenses—or with a head mounted binocular indirect ophthalmoscope (e.g., 20D or 28D lenses).

What is astigmatism in your eye? ›

Astigmatism is a common eye problem that can make your vision blurry or distorted. It happens when your cornea (the clear front layer of your eye) or lens (an inner part of your eye that helps the eye focus) has a different shape than normal. The only way to find out if you have astigmatism is to get an eye exam.

Who wears progressive lens? ›

Who Uses Progressive Lenses? Almost anyone with a vision problem can wear these lenses, but they're typically needed by people over age 40 who have presbyopia (farsightedness) -- their vision blurs when they're doing closeup work like reading or sewing.

What level of contacts is legally blind? ›

Simply put, if your prescription is -2.5 or lower, this means that you are legally blind. Visual acuity of -2.5 is equivalent to 20/200 vision. Visual acuity of -3.0, for instance, means that you have 20/250 or 20/300 vision.

What is considered a premium contact lens? ›

The Premium contact lens fit applies to more complex applications, including, but not limited to toric (astigmatism . 75D or higher), bifocal/multifocal, prescription colored lenses, post-surgical and gas permeable. It does include extended/overnight wear for any prescription.

Why is my contact prescription stronger than glasses? ›

Part of the reason for the differences is that contacts are placed directly on the lens of your eye, while glasses sit about 12 millimeters away. That seemingly minor difference requires a different prescription strength for each type of corrective eyewear.


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